Complete your bedroom look

Just because your bedroom is a private room that no one really sees, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take pride in its appearance and make it beautiful. You should look forward to retiring to your bedroom in the evening and spending quality time there as you relax. No matter what your bedroom design ideas are, Dream Doors has a style to suit you and it’s not only wardrobes we can help you with, but also bedroom furniture.


To make a real impact with your bedroom furniture, why not think about co-ordinating your bedroom wardrobes and your bed. This will create a seamless look and help pull together your chosen bedroom style. Whether you are looking for something sleek or rustic, we have a range of beds to match our fitted wardrobes


Make sure you’re extra comfortable for breakfast in bed with our range of headboards, that not only match the styles of bed we offer but also our fitted wardrobes. Find co-ordinating bedroom furniture that will make you excited to get home after a busy day and relax in the tranquillity of your bedroom. 

Blanket Boxes

Blanket boxes are not only practical but they look great too. If you're looking for an additional storage solution, place a blanket box at the end of the bed for storing cushions, blankets and anything else you need to tuck away. Our wooden blanket boxes work beautifully in traditional style bedrooms, whilst colourful boxes complement modern bedrooms


Your fitted wardrobes will help organise your morning routine and help keep your bedroom tidy so that you can really enjoy the space. Mirrors can significantly impact a room - not only are they practical, but they also brighten the overall appearance of a room by reflecting light. The right mirror can open up a space and change its appearance, whether you are looking for a vintage style mirror that sits on top of your dressing table or a modern freestanding mirror, you’ll find a mirror that works perfectly with your room.


You may think that edging is a small detail that isn’t very noticeable, but it can make the difference between a wardrobe looking complete or unfinished. If you are looking to create a traditional or classic style bedroom, edging can add that perfect vintage styling that will complete the look.

Why not make an appointment at your local showroom, to discuss bedroom ideas and talk about what options would work best for you and your room with one of our design experts? You’ll be able to see the wardrobe doors and examples of the corresponding bedroom furniture.

Complete your bedroom look