Dreaming of a white wardrobe

Dreaming of a white wardrobe

White wardrobes remain a very popular design choice when redesigning a bedroom. Not only is white a classic option that will remain timeless, but it is also versatile as it works with so many different materials and accessories. White is a neutral colour that fits within both traditional and contemporary designs if you team it with the correct accessories.

White doesn’t have to be cold. The great thing about white and why so many people choose it as a wardrobe colour is because it’s so adaptable. White bedroom colour schemes create a calming environment for you to come home and relax in at the end of a busy day.

White also conveys an air of cleanliness and effortless style. It can be a chic colour choice that is both pristine and inviting. There are many ways in which you can make a white wardrobe work for you and your bedroom.

Take a look at some key white wardrobe design styles:

White Sliding Door Wardrobes

A calm minimal bedroom could be the perfect place for a white sliding wardrobe. To help add to the modern style, try adding pops of colour around the room to create a super design-centric and sophisticated feel.

Sliding doors have many advantages as they offer flexible storage solutions and unrestricted access. By combining white sliding wardrobes with white walls, you’ll create a seamless effect where your wardrobes really do become a unified piece of bedroom furniture.


White Fitted Wardrobes

White bedrooms can be cosy and warm, with fitted wardrobes styled to create a traditional feel that softens a room. White fitted wardrobes with vertical panels and routed framing is a good choice if you're looking for timeless appeal and a gentle ambience. Consider accenting with wood and layering different textures around the room to help achieve a rustic-contemporary feel.

Fitted wardrobes have many benefits. Not only can they be made to measure to fit into small spaces or corners, but they also have a whole range of design styles to suit contemporary or classic rooms.

White Gloss Wardrobes

Different wardrobe finishes can create different aesthetics. White gloss wardrobes can help create an illusion of more space, as the sheen reflects the natural light in a room. Gloss wardrobes work well in contemporary settings, with their sleek finish and sophisticated design. Why not consider introducing geometric patterns in artwork or soft furnishings to give the room a striking contemporary edge.

White Wardrobes with Mirror Panels

Why not think about adding different materials to your wardrobe? White wardrobes with mirrored panels can work with both sliding wardrobes and fitted wardrobe designs. The use of mirrored wardrobe doors is not only practical, saving you precious wall or floor space where you would have previously had a mirror, but it can also add a beautiful design aesthetic.

White mirrored wardrobes can really help brighten the overall look of your bedroom by reflecting light and creating the illusion of a larger space. If you would rather not cover the entirety of the wardrobe doors, you can choose to add mirrors to smaller panels to create the desired effect.

If you’d like to explore white wardrobe design options with one of our experts, make an appointment at your local showroom. Our friendly team are on hand to answer any questions and discuss your ideas. You can also arrange a home consultation where we can give you a free estimation with no obligation.